Special Offer

For a limited time, we are offering two types of  financial reviews completely free of charge. The first is a customized financial analysis and review specifically designed for individuals with assets exceeding $1 million.  The second is a retirement review designed to assist people who are retiring or changing jobs and have a retirment plan rollover.  


OPTION 1 - Financial Review For Those With Net Worth Over $1 Million

This customized analysis and review is designed for affluent investors who have spent a lifetime working and accumulating assets.  Recent changes in tax laws and the global economy may have made their past planning obsolete.  This review will help the affluent investor find out the following:

  • If their current strategy is "tax smart" 
  • Why recent tax law changes make some past advice obsolete
  • Strategies to pass more assets to loved ones free of taxes
  • What tax-advantaged alternatives they have
  • How to deal with the "silent killer" of financial dreams
  • The importance of developing an asset allocation strategy 
  • How to evaluate their current financial situation
  • How to effectively and strategically allocate funds
  • How to protect present and future income
  • How to control risk
  • How to potentially protect assets
  • If their portfolio is utilizing up-to-date techniques
  • If they have an optimal blend of investments tailored to meet their personal goals
  • The importance of portfolio rebalancing 
  • How to properly develop and maintain a cash management program
  • If estate, beneficiary, and tax planning strategies are needed 

If an affluent investor with a net worth of over $1 million dollars desires this free review and analysis, they should call our office today.  There is no cost or obligation.


OPTION 2 - Retirement Review

This review is designed specifically for people who are changing jobs or retiring and have a retirement plan rollover.  Our retirement review will help people find out the following:

  • Their rollover options
  • How to choose a retirement plan from the numerous types available
  • Their income options
  • How to control risk
  • What to look for in retirement plan investments
  • How to get competitive rates
  • How the new retirement plan distribution rules work
  • How to avoid IRS penalties
  • How to preserve retirement income
  • How to effectively and strategically allocate their funds
  • If estate and tax planning strategies are needed
  • The importance of rebalancing retirement accounts
  • How inflation affects retirement accounts
  • How to manage wealth in retirement
  • How to calculate the cost of retirement
  • The latest strategies for retirement income generation

Retirement plan rollovers and IRA's are serious business. If a retiree or someone changing jobs with a retirement plan rollover desires a free review, they should call our office today. There is no cost or obligation.                      


No matter where you live in Texas, call us today 1-800-683-8887.

Investment Tips:

  • If you ever have a question or concern regarding your account with a financial planner, brokerage firm, mutual fund company, or other institution, please contact them promptly.
  • Always review financial transactions for thoroughness and completeness. If you find an error, please report it immediately.
  • Annually review your investments to confirm you have complete records, documentation and contracts. 
  • Store your documentation in a safe place.

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