A Texas Viewpoint

Thank you for visiting TexasIRA.com. Our firm, Texas Investment and Retirement Associates, specializes in meeting the retirement, financial, and investment needs of Texans.  As a Texas-focused firm, we are different from large financial institutions whose leadership is in New York or Chicago.

The great state of Texas was built on the hard work of optimists who struggled mightily to accomplish their dreams. Today, Texas has a vibrant economy based on a developed infrastructure, excellent research resources, ethnic diversity, a skilled work force, and the absence of a state income tax.

The AlamoHere in Texas we have different laws, customs, and a different tax code; there are distinctive asset protection strategies in the Lone Star State. Texans need to work with Texans who understand their unique challenges and opportunities. Our firm's founder, Mark Durham, was reared in Fort Worth and now lives in Dallas---he understands the special needs and concerns of his fellow Texans. At Texas Investment and Retirement Associates, our qualified financial advisors help clients set goals and put strong financial plans in place. They have the experience and knowledge to help you build long-term strategies that balance financial objectives, constraints, time horizons, and tolerance for risk. Our Associates provide clients with straight-forward explanations of financial concepts and alternatives in easy-to-understand language.

At Texas IRA, we are familiar with the retirement policies and plans of many of the largest employers in Texas including Texas Instruments, American Airlines, Lockheed Martin, Baylor Healthcare, Bell Helicopter, and Southwest Airlines.


Our financial services are intended to help Texans reduce risk and potentially maximize return. When appropriate, they incorporate Modern Portfolio Theory, an approach advocating proper asset allocation and diversification. The theory was developed by Harold Markowitz and deemed so significant, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics. But the biggest prize - and the best compliment - comes when a client tells us we have helped make their life financially independent or their retirement more comfortable.



No matter where you live in Texas, call us today at 1-800-683-8887.


No matter where you live in Texas, call us today 1-800-683-8887.

Investment Tips:

  • If you ever have a question or concern regarding your account with a financial planner, brokerage firm, mutual fund company, or other institution, please contact them promptly.
  • Always review financial transactions for thoroughness and completeness. If you find an error, please report it immediately.
  • Annually review your investments to confirm you have complete records, documentation and contracts. 
  • Store your documentation in a safe place.

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