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Welcome to TexasIRA. We specialize in strategies that help in meeting the retirement, investment, and financial planning needs of Texans while providing personalized service and attention. Whether you have an IRA, a 401(k) rollover, an investment portfolio, or need financial planning assistance, we are seasoned professionals  and are here to serve you. We understand the unique needs and concerns of our fellow Texans and believe this insight is beneficial to our clients and is one of the factors in our pursuit of success.

Please take a few minutes to review our web site so you can learn why more and more Texans are turning to us for their retirement and investment planning needs.


Facts to Consider

  • The financial markets are becoming more complex, increasing the need for expert advice and assistance.
  • Many of today's retirees will live 20 years or more in retirement--requiring far more financial resources to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.
  • Social Security and company pensions may no longer provide the majority of your retirement income. Social Security may meet 25% or less of your retirement goals.
  • Income production and maintenance is becoming more important as most Texans today expect to be retired for at least 20 years after employment.
  • Tax laws change almost annually, affecting your investments, retirement plans, options, and savings.
  • Downsizing companies no longer provide "cradle to grave" benefits or job security.
  • The increased volatility of the financial markets requires new and more nimble  approaches to investment management.
  • The average Texan changes jobs seven times in a lifetime, and many are self-employed. This demands new approaches toward retirement planning.
  • 40% of retirees could be forced back into the workforce in the next 10 years because they didn't save enough for retirement.
  • Only 42% of Texans know how much to save for retirement.
  • There is a retirement crisis developing in Texas, and the United States at large, due in part to inadequate retirement planning and the elimination of many corporate pension plans. Many Texans are inadequately prepared for a comfortable and independent retirement.


As a result, Texans are more worried about their financial future than at any other time since the turbulent 70's. We're specialists and are here to help you with your retirement and investment planning needs.


We're specialists and are here to help you plan!
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