Many of today’s retirees will live 20 years or more in retirement – requiring far more financial resources to maintain a comfortable lifestyle


Today's investors need their money managed professionally with an eye toward risk management.

The various investment management approaches we offer at Texas IRA are intended to help our clients mitigate risk while offering the potential for competitive returns. Our goal is to address the various concerns and needs of our clients and to develop an appropriate portfolio with the objective of reducing risk and volatility. We pursue this objective by constantly monitoring market and economic trends and adapting to changing conditions; the strategies we utilize seek to help moderate the impact of market fluctuations on our clients' portfolios. These methodical strategies address the specific financial goals of each client and are manually assessed on a case-by-case basis. We carefully and thoroughly customize a unique financial experience for each individual client. Of course, no investment strategy involving securities can assure success or protect against loss.


Mark Durham with Former Vice President, Al Gore, and his wife Sherri


Texas IRA does not rely exclusively on "cookie cutter" programs or pie chart-like asset allocation to address the needs of our clients. We understand that when it comes to investing, a one-size-fits-all approach cannot always work. Our firm does not automatically subscribe to the traditional, standard approach of asset allocation. As a modern investor, you deserve better.

At Texas IRA, we prefer to work with selective individuals who want financial advisors who meet their needs with meticulous research and personal attention. At Texas IRA, we seek to provide you with the personal attention and ongoing care that your investment accounts deserve. It is our belief that each and every account under our management deserves to be nurtured and treated with the utmost care.