Tax laws change almost annually, affecting your investments, retirement plans, options, and savings

Texas IRA specializes in strategies that help in pursing the retirement, investment, and financial planning needs of clients while providing personalized service and attention. Whether you have an IRA, a traditional investment portfolio, or need financial planning assistance, we are seasoned professionals and are here to serve you.


Offered Services

  • Investment/Portfolio Management
  • Retirement and Financial Planning
  • Income Generation and Planning
  • 401(k) Services
  • IRA/IRA Services
  • Estate Planning Strategies
  • College Plans
  • Life Insurance
  • Long-term Care Insurance
  • Variable and Fixed Annuities
  • Disability Insurance
  • Life Planning
  • Brokerage Services


Call Us If You Need Advice Due to Recent Life Changes

  • Retirement Account Distributions
  • Inherited Assets
  • Beneficiary IRAs
  • Proceeds From Sale of a Business
  • Proceeds From the Sale of Real Estate or Property
  • Proceeds From A Divorce Settlement
  • Proceeds From Lottery Winnings
  • Proceeds From A Lawsuit
  • Investment Planning for People Transitioning Jobs